Our Mission

At Exomatic Minds, our mission is to provide more value than the average fashion brand. We want to be a catalyst for inspiration, serving as a platform for visionaries to connect, share ideas, and embark on creative journeys together.

We believe creativity knows no boundaries. We strive to foster a safe and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome to express themselves.

Our Team

  • Jon Duval


  • Daniela Vaynshtok

    Head of Design


What does "Exomatic" mean?

Exomatic is a made up word meaning willing to be extraordinary.

It is formed from the combination of:

  • Exo- (external)
  • -matic (willing to)

WHO is Lando??

Lando is our silly little alien friend! You can see the silhouette of his face in our logo. He's also all over our clothing, and you can find him in a lot of the content we create.

Lando represents the silly alien in all of us! As creatives we see the world much differently than our peers & it can feel alienating at times. Being Exomatic is embracing that alienation.

How can I stay updated with new releases?

We announce a lot of our projects through our social media outlets & newsletter!

You can find us on Instagram & Tiktok: @exomaticminds

You can also sign up for our newsletter down below!

What is your return/exchange policy?

As of now, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.

Free exchanges are accepted if the wrong size was sent. Email us with your order number so we can issue an exchange.